Portable or Self Storage; Which is Right for You?

It is easy to think you’ll only need storage space if you’re moving or for a short period of time. Yet, the average storage unit is rented for 14 months, and only 17% have a lease for less than 90 days. In fact, 4% of people have stored their items for over ten years!

We’ve provided a breakdown of traditional vs portable storage options so that you can choose which type works best for you and your prized possessions. 

Benefits of Storing your Valuables 

Moving, as expected, is the #1 reason people decide to store items in a portable or self-storage unit. But what are some other reasons folks may decide they need to store their valuables? 

  • Having a smaller space without adequate attic or basement storage.
      • Living in an apartment or home without a garage, you may need to store things like Holiday decorations, sports equipment, and other Seasonal items. 
  • Downsizing from a large family home to a condo or apartment.
      • Kids leaving the nest, or other changes to your housing needs, may lead to downsizing to a smaller place. 
  • Professionals who need to keep documents for a set amount of time before they can be shredded.
      • Lawyers, Accountants, and other professionals have regulations on how long they need to keep records. Storing them safely is a great option when space is limited in an office. 
  • Decluttering your home and storing antique furniture and other expensive items.
    • Not all “clutter” should be thrown away. There may be significant, expensive pieces that you no longer use in your home that can be stored and given to family members or friends when the time is right. 
  • Safeguarding your hobby collection.
    •  Comic books, Vinyl Records, Antique Toys, etc. 

Key Differences Between Self and Portable Storage


  • Independence

Traditional Self-Storage will give you a rentable, garage-like unit located on-site of the storage business. Getting your items in and out will be your responsibility. Often, people rent a truck or van to make fewer trips. 

  • Leasing Options 

You will have the option to lease one or multiple units depending on your need and availability. Most lease options will be month to month, so you can get your belongings quickly without paying for excess time due to a lengthy contract. 

  • Variety of Amenities

Depending on where you live, you should have a variety of Self-Storage business options to find a convenient location. This means you’ll need to determine what amenities they offer, like temperature control, security and how much access you will have to your items. If you live in a rural area, you may have more limited options, but you can find affordable outdoor sheds and other dwellings made available by your community. 

Portable Storage

  • Convenience

Portable Storage consists of a unit delivered to your home or office. Once delivered, you can keep the personal storage unit on your property, filing it up and emptying it as needed and at your own pace. 

  • Variety of Amenities

Just like traditional self-storage, portable storage companies will offer different amenities. Suppose you are storing something that requires climate control or an insured value needing extra security. In that case, you may want to choose a portable storage facility with robust indoor storage options and many security features. 

  • Perfect For Small Spaces

Not all portable storage units can fit into small spaces, but Zippy Shell’s can! Zippy Shell can park a portable storage unit anywhere you can park a car—our units are street legal.

Which Will You Choose? 

Both types of storage options work for different people. If you need to get your items stored immediately, you may choose a self-storage property and will be okay with renting a moving truck and making multiple trips. 

If you need extra time to sort through your belongings or plan to store your items and keep them at your residence, a portable option may be much more convenient. Without a time crunch, you can work at your own pace to load the unit or wait for other family members to help when they can rather than trying to find the “perfect” weekend when everyone can assist you. 

What Will It Cost to Rent a Self Storage Unit?  

A self-storage unit costs between $100 and $300 per month. Prices raise or lower depending on how much stuff you have to store. A medium size storage unit, 5×15-10x15ft, is on average $160. 

What Will it Cost to Rent a Portable Storage Unit?

The size of the container will help determine the price as well as if you store it on your property or in their facility. 

Zippy Shell’s rate starts at around $199 a month for our 15” container with a delivery fee to your home of $149. 

Let Zippy Shell Do The Work for You

If you prefer the idea of a portable storage unit so that you can pack and load your container at your own pace, Zippy Shell has both loading and unloading services. Since the climate in Las Vegas is so extreme, we store all of our units inside of our secure and climate-controlled facility at no extra cost. We have in-depth conversations with every client to determine their specific storage needs. Visit our website to get a quote and learn about our local and long-distance moving services or call (702) 418-3321.