How Staging Helps You Sell Your Home Faster

You may have heard the term staging mentioned on your favorite house flipping show or from your realtor, but there is more to it than baking chocolate chip cookies in the oven. It is an effective strategy to make your home more appealing, sell faster, and for the price you really want. 

What Staging Means and Why it Matters: 

Staging is a term to describe curating the look of your home so that it appears move-in ready and emphasizes the selling points of your space. It allows the person searching for their new home to visualize themselves living there without any distractions from the owner’s personal items or unique decoration style. 

A study by the National Association of Realtors found that a majority of agents reported staging a home will decrease the amount of time the property is on the market. Real estate agents believe in this strategy enough that 46% of them hire an outside staging service, and 26% provide this service as a part of their own business. The most impactful rooms for staging were the living room, primary bedroom, and kitchen. 

6 Staging Tips from the Pros: 

Not sure where to start with your place? 

Deep Clean

It may be tempting to put off deep cleaning until you’ve sold your home and begun packing up, but potential buyers will notice dingy fixtures, cobwebs, and dirty grout. Hiring a service or putting in some elbow grease to make your home sparkle could make all the difference between a house that sells quickly and one that stagnates. 


This step is easily the most important. Decluttering means removing excess furniture, knick-knacks, and personal items from each room. Think wedding photos, extensive hobby displays, or artwork that might not appeal to the average buyer. If you have too much stuff around, it will distract and make it difficult for the person touring to picture themselves as the new owners. 

Online Listings Matter

After decluttering your space, take detailed and attractive photos of each room. 

Yes, even the bathrooms will need good lighting and a quality camera to capture details that can be easily seen on your online listing. 

Showcase Uniqueness

Highlight the best features of your home. If you have beautiful built-in shelving, show it off by staging the room with that as a focal point. Have a view that you want to show off? Keep the furniture and window treatments sparse, so eyes are naturally drawn to the windows. 

Make Use of Every Room 

If you have an empty guest or bonus room, don’t overlook it when you begin the staging process. A blank or very sparse space won’t allow others to see its potential. Give the room a purpose like a home office or nursery. 

Curb Appeal 

Little things can be very impactful when staging the exterior of the home. Pressure washing any dirt from the front door, removing weeds, and a new welcome mat will create an inviting start for anyone visiting. Park or store excess vehicles to avoid clutter in the driveway or side of the home. 

How Much Will Staging Cost? 

The amount it will cost you to stage your home will depend upon what you already own and the work that may need to be done. If you are still living in the home, you can work with existing furniture and won’t need to purchase temporary items to fill up space which can save you money. 

How Zippy Shell Can Help 

Zippy Shell provides portable storage containers that are delivered to your door on a day and at a time of your choosing.  Once the storage container is at your home, you can load it yourself or have Zippy Shell’s polite, professional movers load it for you. This allows you to declutter easily and temporarily store your personal items in a safe, climate-controlled facility until your home is sold.  Once your home sells, Zippy Shell can complete your move, whether you are staying local or moving across the nation!

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