High Rise – Apt/Condo Moves

Zippy Shell’s service goes all the way to the top with high-rise buildings, condominiums, and apartment complexes, seamlessly meeting the specific needs to complete these moves with ease. High-rise moves are one of our most popular services, and we understand the unique challenges that come with them.

zippy shell truck parked outside apartment homes

Challenges of a High Rise Move

Parking rented vehicles in an accessible and safe location to optimize loading distance and time is crucial to this process. 

Requirements for permits and parking laws can vary and must be taken into account when planning your move to avoid fines or possible damage to your valuables.

Be sure to check with your building management in case elevators or freight docks need to be reserved.

Zippy Shell Makes High Rise Moves Easy

Zippy Shell can take the headache out of these complicated requirements. Our registered trailers and polite, experienced movers can make even high-rise moves a piece of cake.

We offer trailers and box trucks to allow easy access to any type of building loading dock.

blue zippyshell truck outside of storage facility

Some of Zippy Shell’s High Rise Clients

We’ve moved the valuables of residents of Turnberry, Queensridge, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, Veer, Park Towers, and other high-rise apartments throughout the Vegas and Henderson areas.

Our DOT-certified Zippy Shell trailers and trucks are regularly inspected and fully ready for a smooth local move wherever you may need us in Southern Nevada.

Zippy Shell High Rise FAQs

What if I need storage in conjunction with my move?

All Zippy Shell trailers and trucks are registered vehicles with a license plate, allowing access into apartment complexes and condos. 

We can provide portable storage as needed. There is no minimum or maximum time in storage.

Do I need to reserve the elevator or freight dock?

You might!  Please check with your building management.

Why should someone choose Zippy Shell for a high-rise move?

Zippy Shell has years of experience dealing with Las Vegas high-rises and a variety of equipment suitable for every freight, dock, and garage configuration.

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