Moving offices and you need storage in-between? Zippy Shell offers a perfect solution! We will provide movers to disassemble and load furniture and boxes, and then we will store everything, including your important records and documents, in a cool, indoor, climate-controlled facility, until your new office is ready.

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zippyshell truck and trailer at storage facility

Zippy Shell Storage For Office

We offer assembly and disassembly as well as loading and unloading of your office equipment into our 15’ Zippy Shell storage containers that hold around 1,000 square feet of your belongings.

Packing For Office

You can load our portable storage containers yourself or utilize our professional movers so you and your valuables get the complete Zippy Shell experience.  When our movers load your Zippy Shell, they will disassemble and wrap most furniture for maximum protection.*

*Protective materials are additional.  Please see Zippy Shell’s price list for details.

Check out our Resources on how to pack the Zippy Shell container yourself.

zippyshell containers stacked in storage facility

Keeping Your Items Cool and Safe

All of our storage is indoors and is temperature-controlled at all times. Our storage facilities are locked, alarmed, and secured and have video surveillance as well as 24/7 roving security.

The container’s cage design allows for proper airflow to help with climate control and prevent moisture buildup, keeping your stored items in the same condition as when you retrieve them.

Zippy Shell Office Storage FAQs

Do you move computer equipment?

We are very careful with electronics and computer equipment. We always recommend that IT specialists disconnect all equipment to maintain safety for your computer systems.

How much do you charge for loading or unloading a Zippy Shell container?

We charge a flat fee of $399 to load or unload a Zippy Shell. If you need both loading and unloading services, the fee is $399 for each service. We bring a vast array of protective materials to every job and you will only be charged for what you use. Loading will typically include light disassembly (e.g. beds and tables). Unloading includes the reassembly of any furniture that we disassembled.

Does Zippy Shell provide all licenses and insurance required by my management company?

Yes, we will work with you to provide all necessary paperwork to your building management or concierge.

Here’s How Fast and Simple
Zippy Shell Works

white zippyshell truck pulling blue zippyshell trailer

A sleek, distinctive-looking container that appears in your driveway and is licensed, tagged, and titled.

inside zippyshell storage facility

Every portable storage container is kept indoors and climate-controlled at all times!

zippyshell truck and trailer at storage facility

When you are ready, we can drop off your storage container 364 days a year. And our friendly movers are available to help you unload and reassemble furniture!

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