Long Distance

Zippy Shell operates throughout the country to make sure that your move goes smoothly and efficiently. All of our polite, professional movers are handpicked, background checked and personally trained by the owners.

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Long-Distance To or From Las Vegas

Longing for some endless Las Vegas sunshine, or have you spent too much time in our casinos? Either way, Zippy Shell’s secure containers are perfect for moving you to our desert paradise or to a more boring city anywhere in the nation.

While our licensed, DOT-inspected trucks are always an option for moves to adjoining states, Zippy Shell’s portable moving containers are an outstanding solution to move anywhere across the United States.

Zippy Shell Makes Long Distance Moves Easy

Zippy Shell utilizes secure, locked Zippy Shell containers to transport all of your household items during a long-distance move. From the moment we load them, to the moment they safely arrive at your new home, your valuables are never disturbed, never unloaded and only YOU have access to the contents of your Zippy Shell containers! 

We offer professional moving services which include furniture disassembly and reassembly.  We also carry a full line of packing and moving supplies to ensure that every one of your valuable items is appropriately and carefully protected, and to avoid the dreaded nicks and scrapes of a less-than-stellar moving experience!

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Vehicle Shipping & Crating

Need to move your car for that change in scenery? Need extra protection for your more fragile valuables? Look no further than our Professional Crating Services. We also offer vehicle shipping as an additional option for our long-distance clients. Learn more about our Vehicle Shipping.

Whatever your situation, Zippy Shell is ready to cover all your bases for a smooth long-distance move. 

Zippy Shell Long Distance Moving FAQs

How do you charge for your long-distance moves?

Every long-distance is custom priced. Actual pricing is based on the mileage of your move, services desired, and the number of our containers needed.

Our long-distance moves always begin with an in-depth conversation to determine your specific needs for your upcoming move.

How much will one Zippy Shell hold?

Our 15’ long Zippy Shell holds about 1,000 square feet of a typically furnished home.

How long does it take for my goods to be shipped across the country?

It depends where you are moving, but typically 4-14 business days.  We are open 364 days a year, including weekends.  But please don’t ask us to move you on Super Bowl Sunday – it’s not going to happen!

Are my goods insured?

Yes, we offer a basic level of insurance with every long-distance move.  You also have the option of adding enhanced insurance and protection if desired.

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