Car Shipping Services

Zippy Shell offers door-to-door vehicle transportation for our long-distance moving clients. We have options for interior and exterior vehicle shipping to safely move vehicles without stress.

zippyshell trailers outside storage facility

Interior and Exterior Shipping

Interior shipping includes loading your vehicle into a secure semi-truck for transport to protect against the elements for travel across the country to your new home. 

With exterior shipping, your vehicle is loaded onto a car carrier for transport. This cost-efficient option is a go-to for our long-distance clients who want to have their car safely transported across the country.

Car Shipping FAQs

What information is needed to schedule shipping for my vehicle?

The zip codes for both the beginning and the destination of the move are required, as well as the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and when you need your vehicle shipped to determine your best options.

How do you determine vehicle shipping costs?

Based on the vehicle specifications and needs for transportation, we can provide a quote to fit your unique situation.

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