Everything You Need to Know Move Into Your College Dorm

Living in the dorms while working on your degree makes college a more immersive, enjoyable experience for many. You’ll be able to focus on your studies without parents and siblings invading your room or long, frustrating commutes to campus daily. We’ve gathered some of the tried and true tips for Move-In day to make the transition from your childhood bedroom to your own space a little less overwhelming so you can embrace the excitement.


Check Your Campus Moving Checklist

Most student housing packets provide you with a checklist of items you’ll need to bring with you and a guideline for what is and isn’t allowed. A hot plate for late-night study session Top Ramen may sound perfect until you find out they are prohibited. You might need to change that hot plate to a microwave or that bed riser for extra storage back to ground level. Knowing exactly what is possible for your dorm will help you avoid any day-of-move confusion and can help inspire how you’ll decorate your space. If your housing department didn’t provide as much as you’d like, we’ve found a detailed list here


Plan Ahead with Your Roommates

Don’t show up on your first day to find 3 mini-fridges and no trash can! Take the time to set up a group text with your roommates and coordinate who will bring which “big ticket” appliances to save your parent’s wallet and frantic trips to Target. Figure out a schedule for moving in your furniture so you don’t accidentally overlap. Pool your supplies like moving tape, furniture pads, and hand dollies to avoid any forgetful oversights. 

Getting to know your roommates in this practical way will also help you gain insight into their personalities. Does your roommate want a massive whiteboard in the shared space for a chore chart? Or were they more focused on extra room for their band’s equipment? You may learn that you have a similar living style or are complete opposites. Keep an open mind and a spirit of compromise; you could make a friend for life. 


Cleaning Hacks for Your Dorm Room  

bucket full of cleaning products

Starting out with a clean and sanitized dorm suite is a goal for every successful move; it may also be a part of your school’s Covid policies. Even if you were told your dorm room would be cleaned ahead of your arrival, you could find that it wasn’t done to your standards or overlooked entirely. Keep your cleaning supplies packed in the car with easy access when you arrive. Spend a few minutes sanitizing all counters, floors, bathrooms, and doorknobs before bringing in outside furniture or items that will make the space too tight for deep cleaning.

In addition to basic cleaning supplies, you’ll want to create a tool kit with everyday household items like lightbulbs, batteries, extension cords, and thumbtacks.

Cleaning Hack: Most cleaning products don’t disinfect immediately; spray and let sit for a few minutes before wiping your surface with a sponge or cloth. Give it time to kill germs and do its dirty work!

Ask your parents for some guidance if you are drawing a blank on what to include. You may not have a vehicle or funds to grab these items when you really need them, so trust us when we tell you this is worth the effort. 


Get Creative With Storage Solutions For Your Dorm

Just like all small spaces, a dorm room requires a bit of creativity to store everything you need with precious little square footage. 

  • Look for furniture that doubles as storage, like a headboard with overhead shelving or an over-the-door mirror with hooks for a towel, hat, or jewelry. 
  • Utilize vertical space: Pegboards, bike hooks, suction cup bathroom organizers, and hanging closet shelves will give you storage without cluttering your dorm room floor.  
  • Don’t forget your corners. There are many affordable corner shelves available on Amazon and other budget sites that will work next to your bed, to hold kitchen supplies, or even in a small bathroom.  


Pack Smart and Declutter as You Go 

After you’ve memorized your checklist and created a mood board or five for your perfect Freshman Year Aesthetic, you’ll need to start packing up your room. Chances are, you’ve spent many years in the same room and have some clutter to sort through. Be mindful of every item you pack. Is this something you will actually need in your dorm and day-to-day life, or will it become clutter that will stress you out? 

Take a peek at our packing materials guide so you can buy the supplies that make the most sense for what you’re bringing with you.  Our TV/Microwave/Computer box will work better for your small appliance than a medium carton (box), which will hold the majority of your other belongings.

If you’re planning to attend UNLV this fall, check out our student storage and moving services; we’re happy to help you with a zippy, organized, and easy move into the dorms. Call us at 702-418-3321 or complete our contact form for a free quote today.